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March 31st ~22:00 No, this isn’t an April Fools joke sadly.

To cut a long story short, the main RAID array of the Plex server has failed and isn’t recoverable.

I’m rebuilding the entire machine from scratch but have backups of the Plex metadata and database so hopefully things won’t take too long.

Sorry guys and girls, I’m working to get things back online as fast as I can.

Update: April 1st, 3:45AM Plex is back up and most of the archive is imported and available. Ended up being ~6 hours of downtime, ouch.

Update: April 2nd, 02:00AM ~28 hours from the start of this it appears that one of the NVME drives has died. Waiting on it to get replaced before I rebuild it again.

Update: April 2nd, 03:10AM Online again with two new NVME’s and re-populating the archives.

Testing is going well. Please ping me on Discord/signal/email etc if you notice any issues!