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i’ve had sporadic reports about endless buffering when starting shows/movies.
initially i decided it was on the user end as only one person reported it. in the last week of july more people noticed the same issue so i paid more attention.

i thought the problem was due to the rclone/plexdrive mount which proved really awkward to troubleshoot, it only logged the mounting/unmounting - not actual usage. there was a memory error on the 31st which i thought might be related, but ended up being pure coincidence.

in the end i managed to narrow it down to an OS issue regarding inotify.
tl;dr by default ubuntu allows process ~8k folders to be monitored/cached by a single process and my library has grown past this. i bumped it to 16k and so far so good.

going to give it a few more days and assuming no more issues, chalk this up as resolved. thanks to the guys & gals on discord for the feedback!