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july 9, 2021

i’ve been putting this off for a long time but making a start on it now, it shouldn’t have any impact on the server or plex itself but will take a few weeks to finish.

in short, i’m going to be going through all of the libraries and removing any redundant/duplicate files. think along the lines of old subtitles, trumped versions of movies etc.

i’m hoping that this will reduce some of the issues surrounding movies getting incorrectly imported by plex. for example, remakes aren’t importing properly at all right now, they frequently trump the original version so things get messy.

kicking things off with 31,000 subtitles, i’ll make another update post when it’s finished.

july 11, 2021

step one is finished, i crossed the API threshhold and things got a little wonky on plex so going to pause this for a few days to leave it clear.