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august 21, 2021

continuing on from this.

the stack is stable again after a few issues so i’m going to get started on the arduous task of updgrading all entire libraries.
nothing should change or be impacted, though it will probably take a few weeks or months to finish.

today all movies starting with a number or symbol were done. i’ll continue with movies beginning with A in two days, then B two days after etc.
i’ll also be removing old versions as they get replaced so you may notice a movie go ‘unavailable’ for an hour or two inbetween scans.

tl;dr boring stuff but higher quality rips. i’ll update this post periodically until i’m finished with movies, or until we run into issues.

if you spot issues be sure to let me know in #plex-feedback on discord!

update 30th august

all movies beginning with a symbol, number or the letter A are finished.
this is going to take a while.